Soil & Stain Repellent

This finish is sprayed onto the face of the fabric and repels oil, water and dirt borne stains. This finish is durable to steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning.

Flame Retardancy 701

Flame Retardancy 701 finishing is a water based application to meet the strict fire codes on vertical hanging fabrics in public places, aircraft, nursing homes and hospitals. Flame Retardants are non-toxic and safe for the environment. They are also durable to solvent based dry cleaning, but are removed in laundering.

Flame Retardancy 260

This finish is applied to the back of the fabric in a water based application. Because only the back of the fabric is treated, the face of the fabric is not affected in any way. This code is used for fabrics on upholstered furniture.

Flame Retardancy
With Soil & Stain Repellent

This is a combination of both Flame Retardancy and Stain Repellant finishes.

Acrylic Backing

This is a flexible acrylic latex applied to the back of the fabric. It increases the stability of the fabric and helps to keep the fabric from unraveling. Acrylic backing gives upholstery fabric dimensional stability and also prevents seam slippage.

Acrylic Backing
With Flame Retardancy

This finish has the same advantages of an Acrylic Backing FLAME RETARDANCY with Flame Retardancy ingredients added to have the fabric pass the NFPA 260 upholstery standard.

Mildew Resistance

This is a water based product used to protect the fabric against mold and mildew. This is recommended for use on ‘outdoor’ fabric as well as fabrics in warm and humid environments.

Antimicrobial Finish

This is a water based finish used in hospitals and health care settings to kill or slow the growth of many bacteria and some viruses.


GreenShield® is a stain repellent finish that has improved environmental characteristics. This water based finish uses nano technology to repel all water borne, oil borne and dirt stains. GreenShield® is not recommended for velvets and other delicate fabrics. Solvent based finishes are available for these fabrics; however they do not possess nano technology.