RM COCO Introduces the
Rose Quartz to Garnet
Gemstone Collection

RM COCO is pleased to announce the introduction of the Gemstone Collection of exclusive wovens, embroideries, prints, and multi-purpose products.  This handsome grouping will be presented in eleven waterfall collections by color family.  Our Design Studio has selected an assortment of styles and price points to be included in his unique collection, offering something for every project and every budget.

Fabrics from both domestic and international mills are represented in this vast assortment.  Products shown are both timely and timeless.  These “gems” represent both current styles and color trends for today’s home and classic selections that will stand the test of time.  The Gemstones Collection will cover the full-color spectrum from white to black and every color in between. Each waterfall is appropriately named for a gemstone color grouping such as White Diamond to Opal, Peach Jasper to Carnelian, Aquamarine to Tanzanite, and Black Tourmaline to Obsidian.


View the Full Rose Quartz to Garnet Collection here!


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