Deleting project and its products

For deleting project and or the products in a project, head on to the Project page.

  • Deleting project:
    On the left side which contains the list of clients and projects in it, find the project you want to delete. Click the delete icon which is located next to the edit icon. Upon doing so, a confirmation popup will be shown for deleting the project. If you click “yes”, the project and all of the products(s) in it will be deleted.
  • Deleting products in a project:
    On the right side, click the delete icon for the particular product of a project. By doing so, you will be shown a confirmation popup where if you click yes, the product will be removed from the project.
    If all of the products of the project have been deleted, a message will be shown on the project “There are no products in your project. You may add products to the project from here.”

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