Modifying project and its products

For making modifications to either a project or the products in the project, head over to the Project page.

  • Modifying project name:
    On the left side which contains the list of clients and projects in it, find the project you want to modify. Click the edit icon โœŽ. Upon clicking it, the project name will become editable. When you have changed the name, click save icon. If the updated name is valid and unique, the changes will be saved successfully.
  • Modifying products in a project:
    On the right side, click the edit icon โœŽ for the particular product of a project. By doing so, special instructions and qty will become editable. Once the edits are done, click the save icon. Changes will be saved.


  • 1. Qty is not editable for products of memo order type. It will stay as 1 yd.
  • 2. Min. qty for any product must be 1.

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