Purchasing project(s)

Once the project has been finalized after discussing with the client and you are ready to make a purchase, go to the Projects page. For the particular project, you would like to purchase, on the right, select the products you would like to purchase of the project. If you would like to purchase all of the products, simply click the select all checkbox just above the first product. When the selection has been finalized, click on the checkout button. This will lead you to the checkout page where you can place the order.

You can purchase a single project or multiple projects of a client. If you are purchasing multiple projects of a client, clicking the checkout button for any of the selected project will work. If the order is placed successfully, you will receive a confirmation message for the order.


  • 1. When purchasing multiple projects of a client, the order type of the projects must match. For example, if there is project a with regular order type, project b with memo order type and project c with regular order type, you can purchase project a and c together.
  • 2. If your cart is already having items, you will be asked to either checkout the items in cart or clear the cart and then proceed with the project purchase.
  • 3. You cannot purchase multiple projects from different clients.
  • 4. In case the same product of the same order type is present during the purchase, only one product of that order type will be added. The qty will be totalled.

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