Saving products to a project

With your client- project successfully created, you are now ready to save products in it. There are two ways to save product(s) in a client-project:

  • Single product pages:
    Depending on which product you are looking at saving (fabric/trim/samples), go to the respective single product page from the product listing page. For instance, if you would like to save fabric, go to View all Fabric > particular fabric page.Once on the single product page, first, select an order type and enter a qty (not required for memo order type). After this information is provided, you can click on the Save To Project button which will open the Save Project popup.The popup will provide you with three options:

    # Option Brief
    1 Add to existing client-project Save the product into a current client- project
    2 Add to new project of existing client Save the product into a new project of a current client
    3 Add to new client-project Save the product into a newly created client-project

    Based on the option you choose, you will be asked to provide the details. When you have done so, click the โ€œAddโ€ button to save the product. If saved successfully, you will receive a message on the screen (ex. Product added successfully to [client]- [project].)


  • Cart page:
    If you need to save a product(s) on the cart page for later purchase, simply tick the checkbox next to the product(s). On doing that, the โ€œSave to Projectโ€ button on top will be enabled. Clicking the button will show the Save Project popup. The rest of the procedure is the same as mentioned for the single product page.
    Please note that upon saving product(s) from the cart page, they will be removed from the cart page.

Notes: When saving product(s) to a project, you must make sure that the order type is the same for all products. For example, you cannot save a regular fabric with the cut for approval fabric.

Once your product(s) have been saved successfully, you can go to the project page and view them there.

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