Viewing projects and their details

You have several ways to look at the list of the client-projects and products in each project.

These include:

  • Header > Hover over โ€œHello, [customer name]โ€ > select Projects from the dropdown
  • Footer > Under Members > click on Projects link

Once you have landed on the projects page, you will see the list of client and projects in it on the left side. The right side will show all of the projects with its products for the most recent client. To see the project of another client, simply open the client from the left side and select the project. Now, the right side will show you the details of that project.

Viewing projetcs and their details

Project Details:

Here is the list of details you will see for every project under each client:

  • [client] / [project] name
  • Dates for project creation and last modified
  • Select all checkbox
  • Checkout button
  • Products in the project (For the project with no products, in it, the project will show a message โ€œThere are no products in your project. You may add products to the project from here.โ€ )
  • Options to export project as PDF and email to client

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