Intro to Saved Projects

Intro to Saved Projects

Have you found a fabric or trim that you think your client may like but not sure if you want to purchase it right away? On another note, are you looking for some way to mix and match the fabrics in a project to create unique, stunning designs altogether? Well, “Saved Projects” is the perfect solution to both of the needs!

This recently improvised feature has been built keeping in mind the intricate design process that occurs. We understand that before the finest fabrics are chosen for your clients, there is a lot of brainstorming involved.

“Saved Projects” is a collection of projects you can build for each of your clients. For every project, you can add a set of fabrics, trim and samples which can be shared with your client. Based on the discussion you have with your client, you can make modifications to your project at any given time. When your project is finally perfect, it’s just a matter of purchasing it!

If it happens that you are about to purchase a fabric or trim but then decide to save it for another time, “Saved Projects” can do the job for you as well. Just save the products in a project and you are good to go.

All in all, by using “Saved Projects”, you will be able to easily create design projects that will be worth the purchase and efforts!

Note: You can use the “Saved projects” feature on both desktop and mobile. This works for fabrics, trim and samples only and must be logged in to use it.