Performance Fabrics

InsideOut Performance Fabrics® are reliable, American-made, all-in-one performance fabrics for use inside or out!


In addition to the core performance qualities of being cleanable and durable, InsideOut Performance Fabrics® are also bleach-cleanable, disinfectant spray-safe, fade-resistant, and liquid resistant. InsideOut Performance Fabrics® are a great choice for high-traffic areas in your home where you want the confidence that a spilled cup of coffee or a stain from a dirty shoe can be cleaned with a soap and water solution, or a bleach and water solution.


The textile design team behind InsideOut Performance Fabrics® is exceptional at creating collections that have a fresh perspective on color, texture, and construction. By using multiple yarn types, InsideOut Performance Fabrics® can provide a level of visual interest and texture that is not common amongst other performance brands. The timeless and trend-forward colors and designs of InsideOut Performance Fabrics® make them a great choice for items in the home that may not necessarily need performance but do need a beautiful fabric. Suitable applications for InsideOut Performance Fabrics® are sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, bar stools, dining chairs, benches, headboards, cushions, pillows, and more.


Exceeds 50,000 DR

Everyday Use


Soap & Water

Bleach Cleanable

Stain Resistant

Liquid Resistant


Fade Resistant

Quick Dry

Mildew Resistant


Weaving in the USA

Greenguard Gold Certified



Spot Cleaning with Soap & Water for Everyday Spills

This spot cleaning method for stain removal can be used for most light to medium stains.

  1. Before spot cleaning, blot up liquids on the surface with a clean, soft towel and brush off any loose dirt.
  2. Prepare a cleaning solution of 1/4 tsp mild, enzyme detergent, such as standard dishwashing liquid, per 1 cup of lukewarm water.
  3. Apply the cleaning solution using a misting spray bottle.
  4. Work the solution into the affected area by lightly scrubbing the area with a sponge or soft bristle brush. Make sure to work from the outside of the stain inward so as not to spread the stain and rinse your sponge or brush frequently.
  5. Allow the cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.
  6. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residues, as residues will attract dirt. Blot excess moisture with a clean, soft towel or sponge.
  7. Repeat steps 3 – 6 as needed.
  8. Allow fabric to air dry.

Spot Cleaning with Bleach for Stubborn or Excessive Stains

  1. Remove any loose debris and blot the stain.
  2. Prepare a bleach-based cleaning solution. Bleach should be diluted with water on a 1:10 ratio (1 part bleach, 10 parts water).
  3. Apply the bleach-based cleaning solution using a misting spray bottle and allow for the solution to soak into the fabric.
  4. Work the solution into the affected area by lightly scrubbing the area with a sponge or soft bristle brush. Make sure to work from the outside of the stain inward so as not to spread the stain and rinse your sponge or brush frequently.
  5. Blot and thoroughly rinse the fabric with water until the stain is cleaned. Make sure that all the bleach is rinsed off of the surface of the fabric.
  6. Allow fabric to air dry.

Q & A

What are InsideOut Performance Fabrics®? 

InsideOut Performance Fabrics® (IOPF) are the first all-in-one performance fabrics that can withstand the elements of the outdoors and all of the messes that happen indoors (perfect for pets and small children)! IOPF pairs superior design with unmatched performance, making it the perfect choice for your home interior, sunroom, or outdoor space.


What fibers are used to make InsideOut Performance Fabrics®?

IOPF achieves high-performance standards by being constructed with a combination of solution-dyed Olefin and a high-energy dyed polyester. This combination offers a level of design and style consistent with interiors but is durable enough for the outdoors. 


Will the finishing on InsideOut Performance Fabrics® eventually wear off?

No! IOPF yarns are inherently stain resistant; meaning the durability, cleanability, and fade resistance are permanent for the life of the fabric.


 Do InsideOut Performance Fabrics® contain PFAS (polyfluorinated chemicals)?

No! IOPF is PFAS-free (including C6). RM COCO is pleased to offer a collection of fabrics safe for your family and manufactured using sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. 


What quality standards do InsideOut Performance Fabrics® meet?

All IOPF products are classified as heavy-duty residential textiles that are also suitable for use in hospitality and commercial settings. Further, IOPF exceeds all industry standards and testing methods for pilling, seam strength, abrasion, and flammability. Every piece of IOPF is inspected for quality before leaving our mill.


Are InsideOut Performance Fabrics® waterproof?

IOPF will repel liquid but is not waterproof. IOPF dries fast, but we recommend bringing outdoor cushions inside during heavy rain storms.


What about mold and mildew?
IOPF has properties that prevent the development of mold and mildew, but please be advised that mold and mildew can grow on dirt and other substances embedded in the fabric.


Will InsideOut Performance Fabrics® fade outside? What about my direct sunlight through windows?
No! IOPF are perfect for the outdoors because they are fade-resistant due to the UV properties of the yarns. This also makes them suitable for any room inside that has direct sunlight.


Do you have a product warranty?
We stand behind our fabrics with a 3-year limited warranty for upholstery and specialty fabrics. See our complete warranty section for details.


What are the best applications for InsideOut Performance Fabrics®?

IOPF meets all upholstery standards for furniture, indoors or out! In addition to furniture, IOPF is a great choice for decorative items such as pillows, ottomans, headboards, dining chairs, and barstools.


Are InsideOut Performance Fabrics® Prop 65 compliant?

Yes! All IOPF meet all the requirements as outlined in California Proposition 65.


Are InsideOut Performance Fabrics® compliant with the California TB 117 – 2013 flame retardant requirements?

Yes! All IOPF pass the test requirements set forth in TB-117.


Are InsideOut Performance Fabrics® disinfectant spray safe?

Yes! IOPF are all-in-one performance fabrics that provide consumers with the ability to have a healthier and cleaner performance fabric in their homes. In addition to providing the confidence of cleanability with soap and water or bleach and water, IOPF can withstand the use of common at-home disinfectant solutions without the risk of degrading or discoloring the fabric.


Are InsideOut Performance Fabrics® Greenguard Gold Certified?

Yes! IOPF is Greenguard Gold Certified and offers the highest level of indoor air quality assurance. To learn more about what it means to be Greenguard Gold Certified, visit


How do I clean InsideOut Performance Fabrics® ?

IOPF is easily cleaned with any household soap and water. For more stubborn stains (such as red wine or permanent marker), bleach can be used, and it will not discolor or harm the fabric. 


Are InsideOut Performance Fabrics® machine washable?

No, we do not recommend machine washing.


Can I iron or dry clean my cushion casings or anything else made with InsideOut Performance Fabrics®?

No, we do not recommend ironing or dry cleaning IOPF. We do recommend annual professional steam cleaning for general maintenance.


Can I steam clean my furniture that has InsideOut Performance Fabrics® on it?

Yes! We recommend steam cleaning your furniture once a year to keep it looking brand new.


RM COCO stands behind InsideOut Performance Fabrics® with a 3-year limited warranty for upholstery and specialty fabrics.


This warranty applies to the original purchaser of InsideOut Performance Fabrics® and protects against InsideOut Performance Fabrics® becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals.


This warranty covers InsideOut Performance Fabrics® only. This warranty does not cover normal care and cleaning; damage from misuse or abuse; improper installation; or costs associated with the replacement of the furniture, including labor and installation.


RM COCO reserves the right to review and inspect any fabric submitted for claim.


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A commitment to sustainability and truly believing in SEAQUAL INITIATIVE’s mission drove InsideOut Performance Fabrics® to develop and engineer fabrics made with SEAQUAL YARN that would meet the quality criteria of the all-in-one performance fabric brand. The result is a Greenguard Gold Certified and PFAS-free, performance fabric that has the core performance qualities of cleanability and durability, but it is also bleached cleanable, fade resistant, and made with yarns that are part of a huge initiative to help solve a major global issue.