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Around Midnight

Dark neutral colors help turn our homes into the retreats we are all craving by enveloping us and making us feel cozy. Deep neutral colors can add a touch of mystery and drama to any room setting. While we see dark neutral tones as contemporary and modern, they have been perennial color classics for centuries, and will certainly continue to be for decades to come. Dark colored rooms also act as a neutral backdrops, allowing colorful friends to add the color to a setting!

Darker gray palettes have been popular for several years, and accordingly, gray will continue to be one of the top trend colors used in interior design. Many trendspotters are predicting that gray and black will be heralded as the colors of the year in 2021. From ancient times black was a symbol of aristocracy and luxury, and today sixty-six percent of the designers polled agreed that black is now a neutral tone. Black is powerful, striking and glamorous. It has been said that nighttime shades sharpen and heighten each sensation and darkness stirs and wakes the imagination.