TOT – Citrus Splash

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Citrus Splash

Whether you love a gorgeous shade of tangerine or prefer the more polished appeal of burnt orange, this color family stands out in any room it adorns. Shades of orange and marigold are fresh, youthful and creative – they embody the warmth of red and the optimism of yellow. A warm and welcoming color, orange is both physically and mentally stimulating. Orange relates to social communication; encouraging two-way conversations. Light orange or peach can be more soothing and friendly, while a more golden orange is associated with prestige, wisdom and illumination. A red-orange stirs up emotions of passion, desire and even aggression.


Orange is a popular color in restaurants, perhaps due to the fact it encourages the feeling of hunger and contentment. These colors can make modern interiors feel sunny and happy, cozy, warm and inviting. From the dramatic to the understated, shades of citrus are sure to make a splash in the coming year!