TOT – Moody Blues

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Moody Blues

One of the all-time interior classic color families is blue. Blue is a perennial favorite offering much diversity, making it easy to find fresh and exciting new ways to use its various shades and tones. The color blue is evocative of the sea and the sky. It brings together the deepest depths of the ocean with the lightness of the billowing cloud. It stands for integrity, power, tranquility, health, and is considered beneficial to the mind and body.

Blue makes us feel safe and relaxed. Seeing the color blue causes the body to create chemicals that soothe the soul and promote feelings of security and trust. Light blue interiors are relaxed and calming. Bright blue settings can be energizing and refreshing. Dark blues, like navy, are excellent for corporate sites or designs where strength and reliability are important. Shades of blue are endlessly inspiring and versatile. Blue is a timeless color that transcends styles and trends. There is a shade of blue for every mood!