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Passion for Purple

It seems purple is popping up everywhere lately. Purple is regal, royal, mystical and spiritual. It demands respect, especially the darker tones, and it’s a wonderful color for promoting creativity. This color family exudes glamour and royalty, but also holds intrigue and even a touch of danger. Purple, which refers to both indigo and violet in the color spectrum, is a mixture of blue and red (cold and warm tones) combined into one color.


By adding white we create tints of purple known as mauves, lilacs and lavenders. When used in our homes, these shades promote daydreaming and inner calmness. Purple is a creative color so it is perfect for working, or learning areas. Currently, purple palettes are mesmerizing the fashion world, and it is predicted we will fall in love with these shades for our home interiors over the coming months as well as throughout 2021.