TOT – Ravishing Red

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Ravishing Reds

Red, the color of blood and fire; a color that ignites an array of emotions. Ravishing red tones can stir feelings of passion/desire or even aggression and danger. Throughout history, the color red has held a special significance for cultures worldwide. Western cultures associate the color red with love, while in Eastern cultures red is thought to be symbolic of life and good fortune.


Red can feel contemporary, traditional, rustic or timeless, depending on the shade and context. A touch of red can warm up a cool blue-and-white room, or add drama when used as the main color in a small space like a powder room. The senses are caressed by this bold, striking color family that gives off warmth and a noticeable vibe. The wide range of reds is the thing that makes this color so versatile. From crimson and fire engine red to merlot and rust, there are endless ways to fall in love with ravishing reds in the coming year!