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Caring for Crypton

Caring for Crypton Fabric RM COCO is proud to offer a wide selection of Crypton fabrics. These amazing fabrics have a permanent stain-resistant technology, which

American Velvets

A New Collection – American Velvets Velvet is a soft pile fabric that has been manufactured for almost 4,000 years in one form or another.

When to Use Cornices

When to Use Cornices 7 Reasons to Consider a Cornice A cornice will often times be the most economical top treatment, because it requires much

Photo Contest Winners!

Photo Contest Winners! We have our winners! We called, and you answered! We received a variety of beautiful submissions of your work, and we were

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from RM COCO! Happy Earth Day from RM COCO! We love a day dedicated to Mother Earth, and we hope you’re treating

Organic Classics

A New Collection – Organic Classics We love a good tree hugger! Protecting the environment is an important and valued goal here at RM COCO. 

Eclipse Blackouts

A New Collection – Eclipse Blackouts Everyone loves a beautiful view! And natural light streaming in from a bedroom window definitely helps liven up a

New Website

The New Welcome to the new! This new website is the result of hundreds of hours of thoughtful design and development and we

Vinyl Varieties

A New Collection – Vinyl Varieties No, not those types of vinyls! We have a whole new collection of vinyls for you to enjoy…maybe even

Mountain Pass Suedes

New Collection – Mountain Pass Suedes Anyone else get flashbacks to Disney’s Mulan when you hear the phrase Mountain Pass? Truly, the first thing that

Gemstone Collections

Introducing the Gemstone Collection RM COCO is pleased to announce the introduction of the Gemstone Collection of exclusive wovens, embroideries, prints, and multi-purpose products. This

Workroom Wonders: Workroom Introduction

Workroom Wonders – Workroom Introduction Share Full disclosure: we’re a fabric company. Did we just rock your world? Change your whole perspective on life? Really

Ten on Trend

Color Predictions for 2021 Ten on Trend It is that time of year when trend forecasters start to unveil the colors they predict consumers will


Interior Interests: A Seasonal Shift

Interior Interests: A Seasonal Shift Share Transitioning Your Home Décor from Summer to Fall Summer has all but faded away, and the holidays are quickly