Why Waterfalls are a Great Sampling Option


Lightweight & Easy to Carry

Waterfalls are also easy to roll up and toss into a tote bag to take to an appointment. They are much lighter to carry around than traditional books. 

Beautiful Displays 

Waterfalls are a great sampling option and they display beautifully. You can easily hang them in your retail space, design studio, or home office.

Easily See All Patterns at Once

Waterfalls allow you to quickly see all of the pattern and color variations of a fabric collection at a glance as opposed to having to flip through a book.

Quick Access to Product Pages

All of our waterfalls have a QR code on the back which will take you directly to the fabric collection on our website. Simply use your smart phone to capture the QR code and it will take you to the page you are looking for. These QR codes make it quick and easy to see available stock of a specific fabric or to order memos or cut yardage. 

How to Display Waterfalls

Display systems like these work great for displaying waterfalls. The mobile tower displays can easily be moved around showrooms to accommodate any space and layout. There are also several different hook types to customize your display.