Workroom Wonders: When In Rome[n Shades]

Workroom Wonders: When In Rome[n Shades]

If you’ve been following this blog, you may remember when we ROCKED YOUR WORLD by revealing we are, in fact, a fabric company, and therefore ~maybe~ a little biased towards fabric treatments. Well, here we are again, ready to change your life, this time by telling you that you can have Custom. Fabric. Window. Treatments.


You’re thinking “duh,” aren’t you? Obviously you can have fabric window treatments! It’s called draperies and most windows have them. And you’re right! But fabric window treatments can go way beyond draperies. Many times, homeowners and some designers think window treatments and window coverings are mutually exclusive. Window treatments, like draperies, can be fabric, and are there to make the room ~pretty,~ but for functionality and privacy purposes, hard window coverings, like blinds or shutters, are the only solution. And that’s it, the whole story…or is it?


We’re here to remind you of, or maybe even introduce you to, soft window covers! Everyone say hello to a favorite of ours, Roman Shades!


Roman Shades combine the decorative elements of window treatments with the privacy and functionality hard treatments provide a room. Whether you’re looking for blackout lining or a light filtering sheer, Roman Shades are a great investment and alternative to those hard treatments, especially with the added motorized features.

With today’s design trends, soft window treatments are making a comeback, with a variety of traditional, transitional, and classic looks. Using RM COCO’s Custom Creation Workroom, you can create your perfect style of Roman Shade in exactly the pattern you’re looking for. Here are just a couple of our favorite styles and combinations that we offer!

Layering a Look


Roman shades can be layered with draperies, just like traditional blinds! This creates a softer touch, with a more elegant look while still providing that bit of privacy for the homeowner without obstructing the view.


This shade is shown here in our A0408 Latte fabric.

A Bold Take

A bold pattern like our Harding can really emphasize the new modern take on Roman Shades, creating the perfect balance of the traditional and masculine styles.

Whether you go with a pleated or relaxed style of shade, you’re sure to create interest with your fresh take on the room, especially if you add a valence top treatment like you see here!

Our Custom Creations artisans always take great care to match up the repeats when creating these custom shades, which gives the room that final, polished look.

Like we said in the very beginning, we’re a little biased towards fabric window coverings. Roman Shades, however, truly stand on their own. We can’t say anything about them that they can’t prove for themselves! Try them for yourself, and you’ll realize…when in Rome, use Roman Shades!

Have a project that needs that final soft touch? See all the fabric shade styles we offer in our Style Guide, or call our Custom Creations workroom today to get started on your custom Roman Shades!

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