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A New Collection - Vinyl Varieties

No, not those types of vinyls! We have a whole new collection of vinyls for you to enjoy…maybe even more than your classic rock you’ve got playing on your record player right now! We’re confident our Vinyl Varieties collection is going to win you over, if only because you’ll appreciate how much you can do with it! Vinyl is one of the most functional and multi-use fabrics out there! It is incredibly easy to clean and disinfect, which is especially important during this day and age of COVID-19. It’s just as welcome in a home as a restaurant or commercial project, and you can upholster everything from barstools to headboards to benches to couches with these vinyls. Plus, it’s durable! Every seat experiences wear and tear, but with vinyl, you don’t have to worry about unexpected tears. 

Love these fabrics, but not looking to reupholster your favorite comfy couch? One of the coolest (and my favorite!) use of these vinyls…using it as WALLPAPER! Really! Apply an adhesive backing, and these patterns make for the perfect statement wall for your project! Have we piqued your interest? Good! Go ahead and put on your favorite record, settle in, and get ready to learn more about our Vinyl Varieties collection.

Introducing Vinyl Varieties

You may be surprised to find out that vinyl is actually a relatively new product. It was accidentally created in the 1920’s when a scientist tried to develop an adhesive that bonded rubber and metal. That happy accident made one of the most popular and recognizable fabrics in the world.


Now we’re happy to offer this amazing product in a variety of new and stylish patterns and colors! Check them out!

RM COCO’s Vinyl Varieties collection offers on-trend decorative vinyl patterns that are suitable for both residential and commercial room settings. The collection features an array of stylish embossed designs in today’s most requested color palettes. The collection is comprised of twenty-eight patterns in a total of fifty-four colorways, and each passes NFPA 260.

Vinyl Varieties Patterns

28 Patterns 

Merritt | Komodo | Iguana | Granular | Full Grain | Emboss | Elan | Diamond Stitch | Dazzle | Crosscourt | Crinkle | Contours | Barzona | Awash | Zip Line | Woodson | Undulate | Tussah | Tufts | Thatch | Techno | Stonegate | Silken Stands | Shimmer | Python | Orbits | Optima | Metro Grid

Vinyl Varieties Specs

55% PVC, 40% Polyester, 5% Polyurethane

Passes CAL 177/SE, NFPA 260

54″ Width


Waterfall Samples Available

View Vinyl Varieties Samples

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