Mountain Pass Suedes

New Collection – Mountain Pass Suedes

Anyone else get flashbacks to Disney’s Mulan when you hear the phrase Mountain Pass? Truly, the first thing that pops into my head is this scene, where Mulan kicks some serious bad guy butt, right in the middle of the mountain pass on her way to protect the emperor. It’s not dramatic to say that you checking out this new collection is an event of equal importance to Mulan saving China. Okay, well maybe it is just a little bit dramatic to say that. Either way, RM COCO is pleased to introduce the Mountain Pass Suede Collection, named so for a reason unrelated to Mulan. With this collection, we offer two weights of faux suedes, Durango and Vail. This collection is the perfect pathway to using suede in both your upholstery and drapery projects, and will bring to your space a feeling of warmth and sophistication. Check them out below! And hey, if you turn on the Mulan soundtrack while you’re browsing, we won’t judge!

Introducing Durango Suede

More interested in geography than Disney? Then you might recognize this fabric shares a name with a town high in the Rocky Mountains, Durango, CO, which is most famous for the historic narrow gauge railroad (aka a Mountain Pass!)  that connects Durango with nearby Silverton. Wow, a fabric named after a famous mountain pass, in our Mountain Pass Suede collection! Funny, you’d almost think we’d planned that!

Durango Suede is a multi-purpose suede (passing 100,000 Martindale Cycles) that is the perfect solution for upholstery, pillows, and bedding projects but is still drapable enough for window treatment usage. It comes in 16 beautiful colors. 

Durango Suede Specs

100 % Polyester | Passes 100,000 Martindale Cycles | 60″ Width

Part of the Panel Program

Waterfall & Fan Deck Samples Available

View Durango Samples

Introducing Vail Suede

We’ve got another geography tidbit for you! Our Vail Suede was named after the Vail Pass, a 10,662-foot-high mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado. The pass was named for Charles Vail, a highway engineer and director of the Colorado State Highway Department. So really, the more appropriate name for this beautiful suede would be Vail the Third! Feel free to call it that if you would like!

Vail Suede is a lightweight suede that is a great weight for drapery treatments. This beautiful fabric comes in 18 colors!

Vail Suede Specs

100 % Polyester | Perfect for Draperies | 60″ Width

Part of the Panel Program


Waterfall & Fan Deck Samples Available

View Vail Samples

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