ColorWorks Spring Collection

ColorWorks™ Spring 2022​

We have curated an exquisite collection of seven new ColorWorks™ prints for you to choose from. Simply choose a pattern, the colorway, and then select the base fabric on which you would like to have it printed. Fabric choices include cotton, linen, linen blends and silk.

Perfect Pairings

Alsace Damask & Alsace Check

RM COCO is pleased to introduce our newest ColorWorks patterns Alsace Damask and its companion Alsace Check. The patterns take their design cue from the historical region in northeastern France on the Rhine River plain. Bordering Germany and Switzerland, it has alternated between German and French control over the centuries and reflects a mix of those cultures. Its capital, Strasbourg, is centered on the Ill River’s Grand Île Island, bordered by canals and home to the Gothic Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg.


Borrowing from the region’s French architectural influences, Alsace Damask is a quatrefoil damask motif featuring fresco-like textural effects. Alsace Check is an alternating check pattern that is the perfect companion for Alsace Damask and reflects the casual and unpretentious style associated with the influences of the German and Swiss countryside. 

Alsace Damask

Alsace Check

Mix & Match

Guinevere Damask & Tahitian Thatch

Guinevere Damask is named after the legendary queen of Britain. This gothic-inspired crest, or damask, motif sits atop a textured fresco ground. Added texture is achieved from the slubbed 100% cotton ground cloth which has been imported from Spain. Offered in seven classic color combinations.


Tahitian Thatch was inspired by the luxurious resorts found in French Polynesia where private cabana-style rooms sit atop crystal ocean waters. This transitional herringbone pattern is perfect for so many casual room settings.

Guinevere Damask

Rickety Rac Stripe & Tahitian Thatch

Rickety Rac Stripe is our Southwest-inspired chevron stripe. Bold and colorful, this graphic design works equally well in traditional, transitional, and contemporary room settings.

Rickety Rac Stripe

RM Squared & Tahitian Thatch

Step back-in-time with this classic mid-century geometric print pattern that we call RM Squared. This novelty geometric pattern plays with various line-weights and simple boxes to create this conversational design.

RM Squared

Tahitian Thatch

Illusion Trellis

Illusion Trellis masterfully takes a 2-D image and creates what appears to be a 3-D print design with ease! A shadow detail has been applied to a graphic contemporary trellis to create this dimensional effect.